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The baton is a self-defense tool that has risen in popularity over the past few years. It's probably because the baton is a very basic weapon -- straightforward, easy to carry and uncomplicated to use. In most cases, people really do not require a lot of background skills in order to utilize them, unlike knives or swords, for example. So if the self-defense baton seems to be your ideal weapon, here are some things you need to know about them:

Long, longer, longest

Most self-defense batons being sold today are telescopic -- meaning, they can be extended to a certain length to increase their reach and efficacy. The most basic length you can expect from a baton is usually at 16", handle included. Even if it's not extendable, this length is usually enough to keep an attacker at a distance and strike at an assailant at close range.

With extendable self-defense batons, the stick can be extended to 21", 26" and even up to 31". To extend the baton, you simply make a downward strike at a 45-degree angle. The extended portion of the baton will slide and lock in place. The lock is sturdy enough so the baton will keep its length even when used. Some models, however, can be slid in place to elongate them.

To return the baton to its original size, simply knock the stick down lightly on a solid surface such as the pavement or concrete and it will lock back into place. On other models, you simply slide the baton back.

Advantages of self-defense batons

Self-defense batons are compact, easy to carry and practical to conceal (provided you have an appropriately-sized bag or a pocket that's deep enough). They are also very effective, capable of inflicting pain upon impact and stopping an attacker. They also tend to be intimidating enough so they can be used to scare away a potential assailant.

What to look for

Look for a solidly-built self-defense baton. If it's extendable, make sure it's sturdy enough that it will feel like one single length of wood. You should also have a comfortable grip on the handle so it won't slip when used.

Be aware of the harm you can cause

Self-defense batons may look like harmless sticks but they can result to physical harm. If you use a self-defense baton, make sure you know how and when to use it correctly. If you are not careful, you could use more force than is necessary and end up inflicting excessive pain on someone who may not deserve as much. You could also end up hurting yourself.

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One of the top self defense products you need to learn to use to help keep yourself feel safe is a self defense baton.

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Using Self Defense Batons

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This article was published on 2010/03/26