Self Defense Weapons are Essential Today

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Purchasing yourself self defense weapons will protect you from an unwanted attack against you.  These wonder devices are accepted in most states and are considered legal to carry on your person.  In today's world it is imperative that you seriously think of protecting you and your loved ones.  Crime rates are through the roof with sexual assaults, robberies, home invasions, carjacking, it's an endless cycle that just seems to be getting worse as time goes by.   

Martial art training is a very strong method of defense against an attack, however for many this form of defending isn't an option.  With martial arts you may find yourself fighting with a physically stronger opponent or more than one which will make your physical challenge very difficult.  To alleviate you having to physically fight on the street self defense weapons have become a major part of self protection.  Across the US more and more people are choosing to purchase these wonder devices.   Protecting yourself is an essential part of everyday and one shouldn't hesitate in doing so.  Even if you choose to use an everyday household item to defend yourself it's better than carrying nothing however we do recommend you purchase the right form of weaponry.

pepper sprayPepper Spray is an extremely effective means of protecting yourself.  Made with fine grains of hot pepper and will definitely cause your assailant some pain.  Their eyes will tear profusely, causing temporary blindness in some cases; they will experience choking, shortness of breath and will immediately reach for their eyes after being sprayed.  This takes the attention away from you.  At this time it would be a good idea to get out of there.  Pepper spray comes in many sizes and styles to choose from. 

stun master stun gunStun guns for the most part are battery-operated some styles have rechargeable batteries and plug into the wall outlet as you would your cell phone.  Today's stun guns are powerful, come in many styles and sizes and will definitely get the job done.  While stunning an individual you are transferring an electrical shock to the point of contact.  It will cause muscle spasms, disorientation and confusion to your attacker.  This individual will be unable to move his or her body which in turn will most likely drop them to the ground.

keychain personal alarmPersonal alarms are a great tool.  These compact battery-operated devices will get the much needed attention when sounding.  They are meant to be heard.  This in itself will be enough for your would-be attacker to take off.  The last thing they want is for attention to come their way and disrupt the attack and possibly be identified.  Some personal alarms can actually be heard up to a ½ mile away.  Now you know that is loud!

telescopic batonTelescopic Batons are probably the most popular amongst the security field.  They are very effective in that you can be somewhat away from your attacker.  These devices expand to give you more reach between you and your attacker.  They also come in varying lengths. They come with a loop for attaching to your waist for easy accessibility.  If one should choose these self defense weapons then you will need some practice with its use.   

Prior to purchasing yourself a self defense weapon, make sure the device you are interested in is legal in your state.  It is wise to check with your local and state authorities before you purchase.   Self defense weapons are an essential tool for both, men and women but should be used with caution.  Make sure you practice with your new weapon, know how to use it, and ALWAYS make sure you have it with you and readily accessible.  If you don't have it with you, it can't help you.   

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I started this business because I myself was attacked.  I know what it's like to be in a very bad situation without any means of a self defense weapon.  I certainly don't wish this upon anyone, but in today's world now is the time to protect you and your family more than ever.  With the many methods of self defense weapons available today, one should not hesitate in providing themself with a protection device. When it comes down to it, it's you or them.  This is real, It can happen to you as it happened to me.

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Self Defense Weapons are Essential Today

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This article was published on 2011/04/24