Self Defense Spray, don't leave home without it

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hotshot pepper sprayIn today's world and the crime rate being as it may, it's a smart idea to protect you utilizing self defense weapons.  Although we do have law enforcement personnel who should be there to protect us they aren't always around when unfortunate events take place. In protecting yourself and your loved ones, there is a variety of products that can be purchased. Self defense spray is one of the most common forms of self defense available to you. 

Personal protection devices as self defense spray will perform much better and provide the most power when you yourself have belief in you. Having confidence will allow you to trust your senses, pay attention to what is going on around you and believe in the ability to defend yourself.   Although personal protection tools are wonderful to carry, you must have self-assurance in yourself in order to use them correctly.

pepper shot foggerIn today's times one simply must provide themselves with protection.  Self defense spray has been used for many years and has now become very popular amongst individuals.  When used appropriately, pepper spray can stop would-be attackers rapidly and safely. It can be used on dogs also. 

Pepper spray, commonly known as OC acts as an inflammatory, it's effects will last up to 45 minutes with lasting symptoms for up to 2 hours.  The recipient of being pepper sprayed will have the pleasure of experiencing their nose, lungs and throat dilating, which results in constricted breathing, their eyes will tear profusely and will possibly experience temporary blindness. These effects will happen immediately upon being sprayed and will allow you to get to safety. 

pepperguard pepper sprayAlthough using self defense sprayis legal, every state has a set of rules that must be followed.   It's best that you check with your local and state authorities on the laws of carrying self defense spray in your area prior to purchasing. 

Self defense spray is easily concealable which makes it a great device to have on your person at all times.  While many women like to carry it in their purse, just make sure you can get to it quickly should you need to.  If an attack should occur it's a matter of seconds so having it in ready mode is crucial. 

Overall self defense spray is a great self defense weapon.  As always in any weaponry you may choose to carry, make sure you take the time to learn how to use it.  While using Self defense spray, it's best that you buy one just for practice purposes.  Some forms of spray aren't as easily shot as others and will require an accurate aim so keep that in mind when shopping. 

Purchasing any self defense weapon is the first line of defense, carrying it, well that's just simply smart.


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I started this business because I myself was attacked.  I know what it's like to be in a very bad situation without any means of a self defense weapon.  I certainly don't wish this upon anyone, but in today's world now is the time to protect you and your family more than ever.  With the many methods of self defense weapons available today, one should not hesitate in providing themself with a protection device. When it comes down to it, it's you or them.  This is real, It can happen to you as it happened to me.

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Self Defense Spray, don't leave home without it

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This article was published on 2011/06/06