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So you want to learn how to defend yourself? To feel safer in the street? To be able to protect yourself and your family? Of course, everyone wants to feel safe and to be able to protect their loved ones.

The best way would if you could avoid dangerous situations all together. To a certain point, you can. There are areas you shouldn’t be in at night, people you should avoid and arguments you should not participate in. But it is impossible to avoid risk altogether, after all an attack can take place anytime, anywhere. The nicest looking people could be the worst kind of villains and you can not always keep your mouth shut when something is wrong. Also you would like to feel free and be able to go where you want to without always being restricted by the issue of safety.

I am not saying this to make you paranoid and afraid so that you see danger everywhere but simply to make you understand that an attack often comes when you don’t expect it.

So what do you do to be and feel safe? How can you protect yourself from being attacked, robbed, raped or even killed?

You need some very effective and simple self defense. With effective I mean the kind that can stop any attacker (or even multiple attackers) dead in his tracks even if he is much bigger and stronger than you. Even if you are unarmed and outnumbered. You need it to be simple so that you will remember it and sot you can use it even in situations of extreme stress. No fancy, hard to learn movements but something so easy you could use it in your sleep.

Traditional Martial Arts won’t do it. In traditional martial arts you will often have to practice a lot of fancy complicated movements that will do you little good in a dangerous situation. Learning self defense in a traditional Martial Arts class might take years and even then it is not certain that you will be well prepared for an attack.

Combat sports like MMA or kickboxing might work a little better, but still, they are sports, there are rules and in the street there are no rules and no time to prepare yourself for the attack. Sure if you are a heavyweight champion you might be fine but otherwise I would not rely on combat sports for self defense.

What you need is self defense made simple.

You see on every human being, no matter how tough, strong or fierce he is, he still got weak spots. Examples of this would be the eyes, the groin and throat, and there are many others as well. If you can learn how to reach and strike these spots from any position you might be in (lying or standing) then you will be able to defend yourself very efficiently. This works on any attacker (or multiple attackers for that matter) no matter how fierce the attack is.

These are very dirty and dangerous techniques only to be used in a real emergency when you have no other option. But these methods can save your life and therefore this is what you need to learn. So very effective self defense made simple is what you need to be safe in the street.

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Learn how to defend yourself against any threat by learning the simple but effective "dirty tricks" of the street. ">Self Defense Made Simple Never be a victim again, feel safe and free.


The author has many years of experience of Martial Arts and self defense and is constantly searching for new ways to improve his knowledge and skills.

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Self Defense Made Simple!

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This article was published on 2011/05/10