How to Use a Self Defense Baton

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If you are looking for a self defense product but want something that's a little more hands-on than pepper spray or a stun gun, take a look at self defense batons. A baton is a good choice for those with the physical strength to use it effectively, but they're not for everyone.

In its most basic form, a baton is a blunt stick suitable for close range self defense. Many are telescoping or collapsible so that they can easily be carried with you. They are designed to be carried in a bag or in a pouch connected to your belt; some even come with a belt loop attachment. A fully extended baton allows you to maintain a little more distance from your attacker than if you were unarmed or were carrying a device such as a stun gun for self defense.

Steel batons pack a surprising punch when used against an attacker, but they are much less useful if you pull out your baton only to wonder how, exactly, you are supposed to use it. It does take some knowledge and skill to use a baton correctly. If you've never used a baton for self defense before, you may want to purchase a self defense video to train yourself in its use.

Batons have various uses, from using the baton like a stick to hit your assailant, to stabilizing your first for other physical attacks, to gaining leverage on an assailant's fingers or wrist, particularly when they are trying to grab you. A self defense baton can also be used to apply pressure to sensitive parts of the body. Batons can be quite effective even with simple moves; you don't have to know how to spin the baton around your body or anything fancy like that to be able to use a self defense baton effectively against your attacker.

To use a defense baton, first pull it out of the holster or bag. Make sure that you have a good grip on the handle. Then, flick your wrist to extend the baton to its full length. Now, use it to whack your attacker in the ribs, the kneecap, or the neck. A baton evens the field when you're faced with an attacker who may be bigger or stronger than you are, but your approach must be confident when you're in this threatening situation. You can't poke lightly, but must put your strength, no matter how strong you are, into each move.

A self defense baton can even be useful without ever having to touch your attacker. The impressive appearance of a baton can scare away a potential assailant without you needing to use it. Batons are often carried on the belts of law enforcement officials and security guards as part of their defense arsenal. Even if you never have to pull out the baton, it has done its duty in preventing attacks simply by being visible. A telescoping baton is also an effective self defense tool for use against animal attacks. If you are confident in your strength, batons can be useful as a more hands-on method of defending yourself.

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How to Use a Self Defense Baton

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This article was published on 2010/03/29