Choosing Self Defense Weapons, which is right for you?

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Would you know which self defense sprays are right for you?  There are many self defense sprays on the market today along with many other types of weapons as TASER and stun guns.  You can only answer this question yourself, take these into consideration. 

Individuals purchase all types of products given their own needs.  Are all these products really effective?  The answer is yes. 

Remember that by you taking the first step in providing yourself or a loved one with self defense sprays is your first line of defense.  Paying attention to your surroundings, staying alert and carrying self defense weapons is a deterrent to the would-be attacker.

By coming to our store you have made a wise decision on purchasing a weapon.  So the decision remains as to which one is right for you? 

Self defense sprays are very popular due to not having direct contact with anyone in order to use it.  For many, keeping your distance is a requirement. 

Can you be aim correctly and get direct contact to the facial area?  Defense sprays will only perform to its fullest when a direct hit to the face is achieved.  Thankfully in the scenario of aiming incorrectly the stream does last long enough for you to continue spraying. If you aren't quite comfortable with this you may want to purchase the fogger model instead.  Fogger models will produce a cloud of pepper spray not a stream.  This will allow for less accuracy in your aim.   

Lighting can also affect how your aim is.  You may want to consider purchasing self defense sprays equipped with lighting so you can aim more accurately and blind your target at the same time.  .

Air Traveler's beware, you cannot take any form of self defense sprays on an airplane.

How about considering purchasing a Stun Gun or Stun Baton?  In considering Stun guns or stun wands you need to know that you have to have direct contact in order for these to do their job.  On the other hand, just by turning it on and pressing the stun mode button you may deter your attacker.  This will be a sign to them that you are equipped with a weapon and willing to fight which indicates to the attacker you are ready for them.  If you should be attacked from behind, providing you have your stun gun or stun baton in ready mode, a quick stun will drop him and let you get away.

Should you consider a TASER®? Tasers® are the ultimate weaponry.  They look just like a handgun and are very intimidating.  This wonder device allows you 15" of distance between you and your attacker.  The probes can be shot anywhere on the body and will penetrate through up to 2" of clothing.  Criminals may not want to play around with you knowing that you are carrying a TASER®, they know what to expect when shot and don't want to endure the pain these cause.  

Self Defense Sprays, Stun Guns and TASER are all great self defense weapons.  It's a personal choice and should be taken seriously.  Think about your needs prior to purchasing.

 Always remember, if you don't carry your weapon, it can't help you.

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I started this business because I myself was attacked.  I know what it's like to be in a very bad situation without any means of a self defense weapon.  I certainly don't wish this upon anyone, but in today's world now is the time to protect you and your family more than ever.  With the many methods of self defense weapons available today, one should not hesitate in providing themself with a protection device. When it comes down to it, it's you or them.  This is real, It can happen to you as it happened to me.

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Choosing Self Defense Weapons, which is right for you?

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This article was published on 2011/07/09